Forensic Workshops For Primary Schools – KS2

Primary school practical forensic science

Hands On Investigative Learning

Are you looking for a way to interest your children in how science is applied in the ‘real-world’?

Do you want something practical and hands-on?

A forensic workshop, delivered by a forensic scientist in a 45 minute immersion in real science would perfectly meet your needs.

This is what we typically include in our workshops, ideal for KS1 and 2:

  • A practical demonstration using multiple evidence types of the fundamental principle on which all forensic science is based.

  • A brief explanation of 5 different forensic evidence types, combined with volunteer based demonstrations of how each could be used, followed by a lively Q&A to cement the learning.

  • A look at what makes fingerprints unique, by showing the different types and features of fingerprints, followed by the children making their own, and then identifying the different elements to develop their observational and analysis skills.

  • Making and comparing shoemark evidence from different children in the classroom to solve a ‘whodunnit’ mystery, which involves identifying, recovering and comparing shoemarks, using exactly the same methods and equipment currently deployed at thousands of ‘live’ crime scenes worldwide. (The same could be done with fingerprints).

  • Using specialist portable lighting to demonstrate how one of the most abundant (but least talked about forensic evidence types) provides irrefutable evidence of contact between individuals.

  • Explaining and demonstrating, with specialist equipment, how to spot a forged banknote, with a focus on selection of features, observational skills and comparison

The objective of these workshops is to firstly make science interesting and fun. This is coupled with introducing a structured, logical methodology for examining and evaluating evidence that is the cornerstone of all good science. At this age, there are a huge number of hands-on practical demonstrations that are safe and fun to do.

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