Real Forensic Cases Dissected

Real Cases Brought To Life

Are you looking for a speaker that can bring an already interesting subject to life, with illustrations from real cases, bringing out the forensic science behind the crime, in a way that your audience will love?

Unfortunately names of victims like Sarah Payne, Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman and the individuals Roy Whiting and Ian Huntley who were convicted of their murders have become household names. The fascination with these crimes, and many others and particularly, how they were solved is of wide interest. Through thought provoking presentations, based on first-hand-knowledge of these cases, we can show you the science that led to the identification and successful conviction of these offenders.

With decades of experience in the biggest forensic business in the UK, there are no aspects of forensic science that can’t be presented in an interactive and engaging way, based on real cases, real results and real convictions. The only question is what works for you ?

How about a facilitated session on the pro’s and cons of the DNA National Database or a presentation on how forensic science has contributed to the detection of the perpetrator in a range of infamous cases.

Here are some titles to whet your appetite.

“The story behind the biggest breakthrough in forensic science since the uniqueness of fingerprints were first discovered over a 100 years ago”


“The dissection of five forensic cases that delivered prison sentences of a total of 150 years”


“Six scientific breakthroughs in forensic science illustrated through the cases they solved”


“The clown, the shoe and the sweatshirt that led to the identification of the murderer of Sarah Payne, and other crimes solved by Forensic Science”


Through a huge library of real cases, we can bespoke a presentation to enlighten, enthral and entertain the most sceptical audience.

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